LSPD recently received information regarding a new roofing scam being reported in the KC metro. In this scam, a roofing contractor goes door-to-door and offers free estimates for a new roof. Once the homeowner allows the contractor on their roof, he creates damage to the roof then tricks the homeowner into filing an insurance claim for a new roof.


You can avoid this scam by first contacting your insurance company before allowing a contractor access to your roof. Additionally, confirm the contractor is a licensed solicitor in Lee’s Summit. All solicitors must apply for a permit at the police department and carry that permit on their person. The permit has the solicitor’s photo on it and is signed by the Chief of Police.


If you have questions about this scam, please contact Community Interaction Officer Beth Glover at (816) 969-1708 or [email protected]




Beth Glover


Community Interaction Officer


Lee’s Summit Police Department


10 NE Tudor Road


Lee’s Summit, MO 64086


(816) 969-1708


[email protected]